Mr P Calls For A Stop To The Bloodshed, Ethnicity and Tribalism In Nigeria


Nigerian musician, Peter Okoye Popularly known as Mr P, begs Nigerians to put an end to ethnicity and tribalism.

The 39 year old singer, via twitter pleaded with Nigerians to #StopTheBloodshed following the Ongoing End Sars protest and killings in the north. In his post, he said…

I am an igbo man, married to a yoruba woman. I grew up in the north, started my Career in North. And today I speak the Hausa language, Fluently. Please this Ethnicity, Tribalism and Racism has to stop!!! Haba! What is going on? #StopTheBloodshed”.

Mr P further stressed that Our Government has failed us, they are just in power for their own selfish interest & greed and Unity isn’t in their Agenda, that why they are not moved by that bloodshed and push for Unity with some of his other Tweets.

Read Mr P’s Tweets below

Here are some Nigerians’ reactions via Twitter and Instagram to Peter’s post:

Tingong Junior @Goska002
It must stop, Nigeria must be United. Peace and Unity we stand.

Chukwuneku @Chukwuneku01
Is Unity by Force?

Eze Oyi na Omamabala @Vincentmicheals
Go and Unite your family First.

Revolutionary Chips @Revolutionary_c
How can we achieve unity when there’s no justice.

The only solution is for every tribe to go their separate ways. This union can never work, there will always be tribalism in this country!

We should fight the government, not the people.

Person way never stop family war want to advise for peace ??? charity they say begins at home. My 2cent??????????

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