‘Trump Wants To Cause Destruction To The World’ – Popular Nigerian Prophet Alleges


Trump’s Hope Crushed As US Election Officials Debunk Claim Of ‘Deleted’ Votes

The leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has said that United State President, Donald Trump’s defeat was because God has rejected him.

According to the renowned Nigerian clergy in a statement issued amid political hubbub in the US, God rejected the president because he wanted to “cause destruction to the world”.

Ayodele added that the US president will leave the seat of power in shame. Naija News understands that President Trump had insisted that Democrat, Joe Biden did not win the November 3 presidential election.

Trump had on Tuesday in a tweet on his verified Twitter handle told his supporters outside the White House that he would never concede defeat in the November 3, presidential election.

“I will never give up. We will never concede We will stop the steal,” the Republican said.

Reacting to the recent development in the US, Ayodele declared that “God wants to push Donald Trump out of government. No matter what he does to cause destruction in America and the world, God has rejected Trump. He will go in shame, this is the word of the Lord.

He added: “What does Trump want? Why not use civilized ideas to handle issues?
Why is he creating troubles for America and the world? He has gotten it wrong for instigating riot and protest.

“He wants to truncate global democracy, God has rejected him. This is a disgrace to the Government of Donald Trump, He has berated the number one seat in the world, no matter his intrigues, He will not get it.

“Donald Trump should have left, what he has done is wrong. Why then do we blame African presidents? This attitude of Trump is creating war, He has been rejected by God”, the Primate added.

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  1. Thanks for the update, but as a prophet why not ask God way forward to avert the calamity the man(Trump) want to bring to the world.
    Remember when Trump cancel some of inhuman Obama and co did, like abortion, gay marriage, etc, you are among those that said God has rise Trump to right the wrong of Obama. When Trump said that China has infected the whole world with Covid 19, which ravaging the whole world now, some world powers are after him with China who want to destroy the world because Trump exposed them.

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